"SkyDog - Flight to Freedom"

A film showcasing The Majestic "Wild Horses" of America. Our mission is to rescue and relocate 50,000 Wild Horses to safe havens where they could live a life of "Freedom" in harmony with their soul's purpose.

Sacred Beings

Wild Horses once roamed freely in majestic herds across the vast open lands and are waiting for humans to wake up and reclaim their role as stewards of the Earth. If we miss this important message, we will lose our collective purpose.

Our world is lacking in compassion and Horses represent compassion in the animal kingdom. Connecting with Horses on an emotional level connects us to compassion in our own hearts.

When we return to the remembrance of our oneness with all beings and inhabitants of our planet the healing journey begins and we can return to the oneness of our soul’s connection.

SkyDog Family

There are many ways you can get involved with SkyDog. All proceeds will be donated back to rescuing these sacred beings (either through our direct efforts or to support like minded organization working tirelessly to return the Skydog back to Freedom. Your support is greatly appreciated~

Tier 1 - "Adopt a SkyDog" $33/mo

Find a horse or mustang that you can connect with. Watch a live feed of its journey and experience the love and care from your home.

Tier 2 - "Adopt a Family" $99/mo

Wild Horses come in families. We like to keep herds together and not separate the Mothers and Fathers from their offspring. We provide live feeds for you to stay up to date and current with the love and affection these Horses are receiving.

Tier 3 - "Adopt a Herd" $199/mo

Protect an entire herd of mustangs, preserve their life and insure their futures are bright and free.

$299/mo to Adopt a Herd

Tier 4 - "Angel Unicorn Sponsor" $399/mo

With so many ranches available Sky Dog will insure the preservation of these beautiful wild creatures. Help us maintain sanctuaries all over the country. Visit and connect with your Horses at any time on our ranches.

Tier 5 "Angel Pegasus Sponsor" $999/mo

The Spirit of the Wild Horse herd is with you always and you could take pride in knowing that you have greatly contributed to the protection and the future preservation of our sacred national treasures. Follow and visit multiple ranches and wild sanctuaries and know that you have greatly honored and protected these sacred Beings.

Tier 6 "Angel Land Holders" Priceless

Invest in a Ranch or donate your land for Sky Dogs to roam free. By contributing to Ranches and Sanctuaries you could rest assured that your contribution will allow future generations of Sky Dogs to flourish and in time regain the trust that was lost between human and horse! And maybethe Sky Dogs will allow us to ride them again someday.

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